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Learn the signs and symptoms of heart attacks in women.
The fact is that women often experience different heart attack symptoms than men.
If you believe you are experiencing signs, don't delay.
Educate yourself. Advocate for yourself.
Premier Health Express and JustLiving Advocacy is collaborating to provide affordable and quality healthcare to low-income families.
Healthy Heart check-ups, nutrition, pediatrics, dental, preventive medicine, affordable in-house medication, lab work, vaccines and much more...

With the high cost of childcare, that exceeds over 40% of your net disposal income, JustLiving Advocacy knows and understands, that it is just out of reach for most single mothers, that need childcare.

Through our childcare advocacy works, we seek to make it possible for single mothers to work, thrive, strengthen and to provide for their families. We will always work passionately for you! 

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