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Nette Stokes Founder 

Nette Stokes brings strong strategic and executive management experience to JustLiving Advocacy. Her depth and breadth of strategic management knowledge, combined with a solid vision for operations, provides a creative approach to organization operations, marketing and development and community outreach.  ​


For nearly thirty years under the radar, she provided job opportunities and human services to many women during her professional working career in corporate, government and nonprofit industries. Working 15 years for IBM in the areas from manufacturing engineering development to corporate  financial contracts, brought about a successful operational track record from a variety of disciplines and instilling a sense of ownership among team members. Her background in corporate management provides a solid grounding in financial planning and control.

Ms. Stokes also worked 10 years in the government at the US Department of State and the Department of Justice as a Senior Program and Project Manager. She personally increased revenues over $10 million in four years through strategic business development and marketing. This background provided her with disciplines to manage and govern fiscally. She also performed similar work in other corporations and nonprofits prior to founding JustLiving Advocacy.​ ​


Ms. Stokes is a compassionate individual, who has a greater passion for giving and helping the under-served population. She believes in opportunities, promoting positive thinking and believing in oneself to achieve their individual goals. Ms. Stokes has a heart for all people, especially for single mothers living below or just above the poverty threshold who are in need of a helping hand. ​


In 2016, she knew, that she had to provide these services to a broader spectrum of women by establishing a nonprofit serving women and families living in poverty, because the plight of single mothers continues to get worse and it was time for her to speak and act on their behalf.​ ​

She thrives on being the voice for the voiceless single mothers, just seeking an opportunity. Her faith and belief, feels that if the door of opportunity is open, they will help themselves to one of the best gifts, that anyone can give. Her passion has a powerful effect, especially when it comes to seeing single mothers moving out of impoverished circumstances. She sees a generation of children being raised by single mothers and these children should be able to have the opportunity to receive quality early-learning education at an affordable quality childcare facility. A single parent wants to succeed in raising her children and to see their children thrive. ​​


Seeing more and more families lose their primary care-giver, which in most cases, is their mother, due to lack of healthcare access and diagnosis of Heart Disease, Ms. Stokes had to address the epidemic of heart disease in women. Mothers are becoming sick due to cardiovascular problems and/or dying from a preventable disease. Ms. Stokes is committed and extremely passionate about advocating for heart disease awareness and prevention in women and placing additional emphasis on women of color.

She is humbled and blessed to help empower single moms in our communities.

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