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Why we do what we do...

In the US, single mothers make up most single-parent families. Moreover, according to 2020 U.S. Census Bureau, 4 out of about 11 million single parent families with children under the age of 18, 80 percent were headed by single mothers. Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority..among 12 million single-parent families in 2016, 80% comprise of single mothers. Many studies have identified the proliferation of single-parent families, particularly those with single mothers, as a major factor in the continuous increase of child poverty in the country.

We Provide...

State Childcare Subsidy Application Assistance.

Throughout the country, finding affordable, quality childcare has become increasingly difficult task for the working poor, especially single mothers. In Maryland, low-income parents can qualify for State government subsidies that cover some of the cost of childcare, but sometimes the program simply can’t keep up with demand, creating long backlogs of waiting lists and even when children can get off the waiting list and into centers, the quality of their care can be questionable, as to if the children are receiving early-learning education. Having no childcare is a barrier, that prevents women from entering into the workforce, as well as either being terminated from a job or quitting a job. JustLiving attempts to remove that barrier through our childcare advocacy and childcare subsidy application assistance.

It is very difficult to obtain and locate affordable quality childcare. With the high cost of childcare, that exceeds over 40% of your net disposal income, JustLiving Advocacy knows and understands, that it is just out of reach for most single mothers, that need childcare.

Through our childcare advocacy works, we seek to make it possible for single mothers to work, thrive, strengthen and to provide for their families. We will always work passionately for you! 


 "Affordable Childcare is the ramp that provides equal access to the workforce for single mothers." 

Maryland Childcare Subsidy Program

Childcare Application Subsidy Application

Find Child Care

Employment opportunity referrals. 

We believe that employment is essential to ending poverty among single mothers.

In addition to having a job, they need to have the opportunity for  career advancement within their position, that will lead to higher pay and higher pay will lead to stability and total independence.  

Information for Heart Disease awareness and prevention.

One out of three deaths in America is from heart disease. A woman is 10 times mo​re likely to die of a heart disease than breast cancer; heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined.

One of the most crucial challenges that women face today is maintaining good heart health. With this understanding, we aim to give this medical condition more attention since it is affecting single mothers and their families.

With responsibilities usually shouldered by two parents, single mothers have to maintain good heart health so they can manage their households well.

However, many of them remain unaware of the importance of taking care of their hearts. There is a high percentage of single moms, who don’t focus on their health because they choose to put their families first. We want to educate ALL women on heart disease prevention and management.

Women's Heart Website

If you’re a woman who’s caring for your children on your own and need an opportunity,
please contact us!  
Through our services, we will try to assist you in receiving relief that will hopefully
lead you towards economic empowerment and self-sufficiency.  
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