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Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for impoverished single mothers with sustainable resources, that are needed to become economically self-sufficient and to improve their health and educational outcomes for themselves and their children.

We envision, where all women who head-up their households alone as a single parent, will be able to have access to economic stability through equitable wages, where the family can be empowered to help themselves towards self-sufficiency and thrive.

Our Purpose

JustLiving Advocacy, Inc. (JLA) was founded with the purpose of empowering and giving hope through our advocacy for women who head up their households alone as single mothers. It is the cornerstone of our organization.  Even-though women make up the highest percentage of single parent homes, we recognize that there are men, who are single dads/fathers. We will help and advocate for them too!

Single mothers face daily crisis and struggles, whether it be financial or health related issues. They strive to have the strength and encouragement to rise above it all to ensure that their children receive a good education, quality childcare, food, clothing and shelter. Single mothers often let their own health go unaddressed for the sake of their children's well being.

The wellness of women​​ is an important one for JLA and we want single mothers to know, that they are not alone and we want to make their lives a little easier with feelings of hope and dignity. 

Our Work

Parents come to us, when they need a helping hand to assist them with childcare, so they can work or for the start of a new job. Our clients fully and eagerly embrace working opportunities to begin their journey towards self-sustainment.
Heart disease is a major health crisis in women, especially for women of color. It is the number one killer in women, beating out all cancers combined. Knowing that there is an overwhelming high percentage of women that are head of households and raising their children alone as a single parent, JLA advocates for whole health wellness, heart disease and diabetes prevention. Our goal is to increase health equity through our advocacy.

JustLiving Advocacy, Inc. is a Registered 501(c)(3) organization 81-4266308

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